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Plastic Zipper With Imitating Metal Teeth L


Each tooth is long, sharp and thin. Occlusal state of teeth makes the overall dynamic when zipped up. It is novel and looks like a metal zipper

Plastic Zipper With Imitating Reinforced Teeth


Each tooth is in the shape of a bowling ball. The design of line groove on the teeth makes the appearance unique.

Plastic Zipper with M Teeth


It is very fashionable and applicable for various apparel, handbag and men or women’ clothing.

Plastic Zipper with S Teeth

1. Same performance as the Standard Plastic Zipper with Normal Teeth, meeting the industry standards
2. Different from the normal zippers, the teeth on both sides will be aligned when the zipper is closed, enabling the gap of the zipper chain to form a unique s-shaped line. It is very fashionable and applicable for various apparel, luggage and bags for either the men or women.

Plastic Zipper With Shiny Film


The full surface presents the texture of metal zippers. The zipper teeth won’t drop off easily, and the film fastness is better than the standard items.
There are currently 15 types of colors available. We will develop more colors for you to choose from.
It is suitable for all types of plastic zipper teeth

Plastic Zipper With U Teeth


The tooth is in the shape of “U”. The teeth will be in “S”shape when zipped up. It’s appearance  has a strong visual impact

دکمه شل

Shell Button


دکمه شل ، ساخته شده از پوسته طبیعی ، یک نوع دکمه قدیمی است. به دلیل داشتن بافت زیبا و رنگ روشن ، در بین مردم بسیار محبوب است.

زیپ استاندارد پلاستیک معمولی (درلین)

Standard Normal Plastic (Derlin) Zipper


Characterized by corrosion resistance, toughness, handiness, environmental friendliness and a lower shrinkage rate, the straight tape that is fadeless is the best choice for the working clothes,down jackets and armament bags

دکمه کت و شلوار

Suit Button


Suit button made from high-quality resin has passed machine-selected, manually-selected, and other strict tests before shipment. It can be customized according to customers’ requirement and has stable quality to pass the test of tension, environmental protection, salt spray, water washing, high temperature resistance and acid resistance

دکمه چوبی

Wooden Button


Wooden button made of wood has plain appearance and strong closeness. Low-key color and natural texture make it have a gentle, fresh and nostalgic atmosphere, popular with people. Wooden button usually presents the appearance of the material itself. Its color, texture and odor vary depending on the variety or parts of trees

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