Metal Zipper Standard


The item is characterized by high strength, with anti-friction, anti-washing, anti high-temperature ironing properties and environmental friendliness. It is especially used for the jeans,pants and jackets.
SBS provides many kinds of metal zippers in different materials, such as brass, copper,etc. The mainstream colors in the market are also available, for example, champaign gold.
We have established a well-run inventory control system in accordance with the demand for various colored tapes







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4M x x


Item Variation


Metal Zipper Standard 1
                3.5M                4M                     5M                   8M                   10M


Element Color

Normal         Antique copper       Antique    Black nickel     Black bronze     Platinum

(nickel free)


Rose gold     No.5 TY20 Leather     No.5 Multi-color      No.5 Custom     No.3.5&No.5


Standard Tape Color for Jeans Zipper

Standard Tape Color for Jeans Zipper3


Standard Teeth Color for Jeans Zipper

Standard Teeth Color for Jeans Zipper4

Product Details

39-Standard Metal Zipper


Military           >Uniform                    >Formal Dress        >Warm Clothing<

Cotton             >Luggage                   >  Coat                 >Shoes/Boots<

Jacket              >Children`s Clothing    >Handbag             > Pants/Jeans<


Standard Item

Property Parameters


DIN3419 Standard SBS Properties(Q/XXKG.001-2015)

QB/T2171-2014 Standard

3.5M Metal Zipper Standard

425 380≤ 380≤ Chain Crosswise
/ 3≥ 3≥ Tap Pull-Off Strength
60 78≤ 78≤ Holding Strength Of Top Stop
/ 50≤ 50≤ Holding Strength Of Bottom Stop
40 40 / Bottom Stop Holding,Crosswise Test
/ 50≤ 50≤ Open-End Fastener Single Stringer Slider Retention Test
90 80≤ 80≤ Holding Strength Of Separating Unit,Crosswise Test / Chain Crosswise Strength
60 80≤ 80≤ Holding Strength Of Fixed Retainer Pull-Off Test/ Box Slippage Strength
/ 60≤ 60≤ Pin Slippate Strength
70 120≤ 120≤ Resistance To Pull-Off Slider Pull



Special fabrics process
– Chemical reactions will take place easily between the surface of the copper alloy and the chemical residues in the fabric that are introduced in the dyeing and finishing process. Take the sulfur black fabrics for example. Oxidation and color change will take place easily on the zipper surface, following the washing process applied to the trousers if the fabric is not fully cleaned before the installation of the zipper.
– In this case, the zipper should be wrapped with a piece of cloth, followed by the sample test carried out in the simulated washing environment. If any color change takes place on the zipper surface or if any unexpected mark is left in the place where the fabric and teeth meet, cleaning and drying should be applied to the fabric prior to tailoring.
If there is any doubt about the color washing, a simulated washing test should be carried out prior to the bulk production.

Special washing process
– Reactions will take place easily between the cooper alloy of the zipper and the external chemicals during the chemical reprocessing process applied to the fabric and the zipper that has been installed, such as fade-dyeing, dyeing, bleaching, etc. A sample test should be carried out if any special washing process is involved in the post-treatment of the clothing. If any unexpected changes occur, please wrap the zipper surface to protect the metal part prior to washing.

Washing process
– The industrial washing process often involves a great many items simultaneously, which will result in relatively great torque. The zipper should be closed completely before washing in case of the excessive external force that is applied to the slider and teeth, which can cause the teeth to drop off.

Packing and Ironing
– The zippers should be dried prior to packaging in case the water vapor that remains after ironing is introduced into the packaging bags.
– A piece of paper or cloth should be laid between the zipper and the fabric prior to ironing to prevent the wax on the zipper surface from transferring to the fabric.
– Avoid storage in the high-temperature and damp environment.
– Avoid packaging in plastic and vinyl bags.

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