Natural buttons

Natural buttons

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دکمه Corozo

Corozo Button


Corozo buttons are made of nuts from Ecuador. Different from traditional polyester buttons’ crafts, Their processing crafts have higher requirement of polish and coloring. With characteristics including strong rigidity, good texture, ironing resistance and laser carving, Corozo buttons are the top choice of domestic high-end clothing

دکمه شاخ

Horn Button


Real horn buttons, made of high-quality natural ox horn, are green, environmentally friendly, healthy and chic

Plastic Zipper Imitating Metal


The shiny effect brings about a luxurious appearance, just like the metal zipper. However, it’s much lighter due to the plastic material used.The shiny film can be used on all of the teeth of SBS plastic zippers.

Plastic Zipper Triangular Teeth


It is a triangular type of zipper based on POM injection molding. The teeth gap forms a special and continuous wavy line, which presents an unblocked streamline shape, enabling it to be more fashionable

Plastic Zipper With Coating Film


The coating on the surface is bright, and has high-brightness metallic luster

Plastic Zipper With Imitating Metal Teeth L


Each tooth is long, sharp and thin. Occlusal state of teeth makes the overall dynamic when zipped up. It is novel and looks like a metal zipper

Plastic Zipper With Imitating Reinforced Teeth


Each tooth is in the shape of a bowling ball. The design of line groove on the teeth makes the appearance unique.

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