Plastic Zipper with S Teeth

1. Same performance as the Standard Plastic Zipper with Normal Teeth, meeting the industry standards
2. Different from the normal zippers, the teeth on both sides will be aligned when the zipper is closed, enabling the gap of the zipper chain to form a unique s-shaped line. It is very fashionable and applicable for various apparel, luggage and bags for either the men or women.
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Close End

Open End

2 Way Close End

2 Way Open End


3 X
5 X
8 X


Item Variation


Plastic Zipper with S Teeth 3
                3P                    5P                    8P


Element Color

Plastic Zipper with S Teeth 4

Pearl gold    Pearl silver  Pearl aquamarine    Pearl green  Pearl blue   5 DY Custom

Teeth Color

Product Details

Plastic Zipper with S Teeth 5



        Formal Dress           >Lady`s Dress/Skirt<


Property Parameters


DIN3419 Standard


QB/T2171-2014 Standard

3P Stardard Normal Plastic Zipper

250 250≤ 250≤ Chain Crosswise
/ 4≥ 4≥ Tap Pull-Off Strength
60 60≤ 60≤ Holding Strength Of Top Stop
/ 40≤ 40≤ Holding Strength Of Bottom Stop
30 30 / Bottom Stop Holding,Crosswise Test
/ 50≤ 50≤ Open-End Fastener Single Stringer Slider Retention Test
80 70≤ 70≤ Holding Strength Of Separating Unit,Crosswise Test / Chain Crosswise Strength
60 70≤ 70≤ Holding Strength Of Fixed Retainer Pull-Off Test/ Box Slippage Strength
/ 60≤ 60≤ Pin Slippate Strength
70 150≤ 150≤ Resistance To Pull-Off Slider Pull


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